Easy Barcode Printing with POSTEK Printers

The compact, affordable, endurance performance.

The best efficiency both at small and big space.

With patented printer head, reduces the downtime.

Meet the silent and powerful barcode printer maker,


Timely Supply with Barcode Items

Messenger Korea provides you the Ribbons (Art paper, special paper etc.) used for the thermal bar code printer, so that you business never stops.

Better Performance with Experts

Messenger Korea possesses the solutions for Factory automation, POS, Warehousing, Coupon, RFID, Asset management, Process management, Material management. 

The Best and Beautiful Label

Messenger Korea design you the label that images up you business and reduces the work time substantially.

20 Years of Bar code Printer, Printing Service

Suggest you the high-performance and reasonable-price printers fit to your needs at sites
Provides you the accessories such as label ribbons, S/W and maintenance service.

Bar code Printer Wholesaler

Art paper, coated paper, uncoated paper, glossy & semi glossy paper, hang tag, synthetic paper, Cards.PET card, film(PET,PP,PVC)
Prints all kinds of labels such as vehicle, electronics, food package label, safety label, security label, brand sticker label, parking ticket, receipt label, high-temperature label, low-temperature label.

Bar code Printing Service

Faster business with bar code and labels

To make your on-going business to be faster as fast as possible,
Messenger Korea helps you from the start to the end,
selecting the printer, bar code label, deciding the size, designining and making bar code printer program,
according to the specific needs of your business.

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