TW6 너비 6.6″ 출력

TW8 너비 8.64″ 출력

TW6, 8

POSTEK TW series, is the high performance wide format label printer developed by Postek, with a maximum media loading width of 10″, and effective printing width of 8.64″or 6.6″, it provides you with a super wide range of media choices.
Metal case + One Piece Chassis, exquisitely born from the inside out, the TW series also grantees you the most incredible reliability and durability, which help handling the most complicate and high-intensity tasks with ease. Also, as the most brilliant space magician, the TW series has featured with the most innovative “push-draw external media compartment” design, which can be either easily operated while in use or nicely stored with little space required.

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The innovative “Pull and Draw” external media compartment design makes it so nature for the TW series to work with large rolls of media. You can also feel the considering design when the media compartment is withdrew for transferring and stock.
The unique “easily adjustable TPH pressure technology” allows users to access optimal printing quality by adjusting the print-head pressure by simply rotating the knobs.
Smartly adjustable ribbon tension technology makes the TW8 to be perfectly compatible with most types of consumables, while ensuring beautiful printing quality on them.
End of Ribbon sensor saves you a fortune by preventing label wastes due to incomplete printing when ribbon is out.


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