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Let iQ do the thing for you. It’s fast, sturdy, and needs very little room to perform at its best. Specially designed Thermal Print Head (TPH) Module structure ensures both excellent printing effect and ultra-long printhead lifespan. Massive volume handling, ease of use operation, fast and smooth running, and beautiful label printing combine to make the iQ Series printer an ideal choice for DT printing.

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Ultra-strong TPH, complemented by smart TPH module structure design, ensures the maximum printing effect while imposing min- imum pressure to the TPH, effectively prolonging the lifespan of both the print head and the printer. The “Thermal Print Head (TPH) & Cooling Plate in One-piece” design conducts the heat away much faster while printing, thereby enabling the printer to work longer without any pause. Extra coating on TPH surface makes the TPH even more durable while largely reducing the chance of early wear of TPH. Standard Wi-Fi connection allows more flexibility to connect with mobile devices. All transmission parts are supported by bearings (ball bearings or fixed bearings), eliminating wear caused from direct contact with plastic. Completely opened operational zone, which allows extra space, and makes operations easier and faster. National Patented “Convective Heat Transfer” technology effec- tively cools down the working temperature of the printer, especially when printing continuously.


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