G-2108 | G-3106

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G-2108 | G-3106

The idea behind G Series has never wavered: to craft the ultimate
desktop experience with industrial features and performance.
Ultra-stable mechanism, optimized structural design of the printhead
module and super performance central control system— all within
the small footprint light industrial printer. The innovative Convective
Heat Transfer enables heat to be dissipated easily to extend the life
of the machine and perform well under heavy continuous printing.

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The optimized structural design of the printhead module allows
easy adjustment of printhead pressure and accurate time control
of ribbon’s peeling at TPH. Thus the new G series printer is
accomplished with strong compatibility between wide ranges of
consumables and exceptional print quality, as well as reduced
maintenance cost and enhanced cost-effectiveness.
The easy-operating assembly of ribbon tension adjustment ensures
steady and reliable work performance.
One-piece chassis, strengthened in every side, providing High
quality and reliability. Left & Right structure design, completely
separated the central control system from the operational area,
making it much easier to operate and maintain.
National patented “Convective Heat Transfer” technology always
ensures a cool working temperature, even when printing 7×24.
All rotating parts are supported by ball bearings or fixed bearings,
thereby eliminating wear caused from direct contact with plastic


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